Hauke Friendica
@Friendica Support
Hi all,

I would like to post from a StatusNet node on my Friendica account as it is possible with postings from StatusNet to Twitter or e.g. F*book, but could not find the right way. Any ideas, or is it an StatusNet issue?

Hauke Friendica
thanks for your answer :)

RSS feed sounds good, I will try it!

the thing is, that I want to open a forum for our local ice hockey club on Friendica. I also created an account on to post match live statuses and results. The SN account is connected to Twitter and now I want the posts also appearing a posting on Friendica, so one can comment it.
Hauke Friendica
Well, the chain is currently (via mustard, an android app) -> twitter. And I want to add mustard -> -> ~friendica ~friendica ;)
Another good chain might be -> twitter -> ~friendica ~friendica. Sounds wierd, but IMO that's also a good chain to publish short news ;)
Hauke Friendica
Oh, didn't know that mustard can handle ~friendica ~friendica ;)